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Total Cleansing is a leading provider of residential and commercial facilities management. We provide commercial façade cleaning services of the highest caliber of buildings which include, villas, high rise residential and commercial facilities, schools, shopping malls and public offices.


Facade cleaning – one of our main services, is extremely vital for any building owner. The facade represents the face of building to the public. Therefore, we ensure our clients’ properties withstand all kinds of weather conditions by regular cleaning and maintenance.


Facade cleaning can be a complex and difficult task to perform when it comes to the high-rise buildings and skyscrapers in Dubai. Our team is highly trained with IRATA certification and covered against risks by insurance. As well, we conduct training regularly for our team, keeping them up to date with the latest techniques and cleaning chemicals, safety standards and best practice guidelines.


We make the safety of our team and clients’ properties our highest priority and ensure everything we do is in line with industry guidelines. Our team, for instance, is furnished with complete rope access kits consisting of grip descender, fall arrester, carabineers, body harness and heavy-duty rope. Every piece of equipment is tested and certified according to EN standards and CE specifications.

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